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7/2/2011 19:22:56

if interested in shooting or other, please contact me via email.

7/2/2011 19:24:16


7/2/2011 19:26:55


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    .Hello, I'm JanieRAE

    I am a nice loving person with a funny personality. Easy to work with as well as easy going. I Model because its fun and interesting. Modeling to me can be hard, its not as easy as some people think. It isn't just a pretty face or a beautiful body its an art. I've been told I'm beautiful multiple times but that's not the reason I think I should be a model its, because I see the true art. I hope to have a career in modeling, then later on have my own clothing line. Hope that this site can help me start off one off my goals. If not I WILL NOT stop here I will continue to push forward towards my success.

    -New MODEL!
    -Open to ideas and criticism!


    July 2011